Secure Public Cloud Infrastructure

Secure and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Highly secure and scalable cloud for public sector customers
Public clients’ key infrastructure requirements are usually security and scalability.

The services provided in a municipality, county, or state must theoretically be available to all citizens.

Providing these services as a scalable service is therefore a fundamental requirement.

With its platform and cloud native infrastructures, QData Cloud is able to dynamically absorb peak loads – without ramp-up times or downtimes for upgrades. Firstly, systems that support the client application in distributing requests are used. Secondly, QDC uses its own distributed cloud architecture that ensures, for example, that an increase from 10,000 users to 800,000 users does not lead to undesired service outages.

The highest level of security is indispensable
In this context, maximum security is essential. QData Cloud offers three certified levels of security:

External security: This is ensured by QDC’s own anti-DDoS system, carrier-grade firewalls and, if desired, complete network separation.

Internal security: Through constant updates and maintenance of all cloud components, QDC ensures that all security-related and technical upgrades to the components are implemented.

Failover: QData Cloud operates multiple data centers, with the QDC core backbone distributed across these multiple data centers. This enables you to map different failover scenarios, such as high-availability setup, disaster recovery, or backups to another fire protection or data center area.

Complete cloud security.

Build your cloud security operations with QData. Unearth, prioritize, and fix every kind of risk – workload, identity, platform, data. We operate, create and manage an individual private platform created for the client’s needs or rely on the largest and most popular platforms such as:


Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

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