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Secure Public Cloud Infrastructure

Secure and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure Highly secure and scalable cloud for public sector customersPublic clients’ key infrastructure requirements are usually security and scalability. The services provided in a municipality, county, or state must theoretically be available to all citizens. Providing these services as a scalable service is therefore a fundamental…
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AI, Machine Learning

Data Engineering Services for AI projects At QData, we are proficient in creating data platforms both in-house (on-prem) and in cloud environments using the appropriate technologies for the various data types, analytical requirements, and business processes. We are familiar with the specific needs of analytic workloads and how they differ…
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Ads-SEO-SEM There are several ways you can improve the ranking of your website in Google’s search engine results. One of the most effective methods is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves identifying and addressing factors that influence how your website is ranked by Google’s search algorithm. This can include researching…
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Cloud Services

High-Performance IT Infrastructure We offer professional hosting services that are appropriate for a wide range of customers, including business website and internet project owners, webmasters, design studios, web developers, ecommerce and system administrators. Hosting Networking Managed services Administration CDN In an environment where hardware costs can be high, QData's content…
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